Hi! I’m Christina Olague.

I’m a strategy consultant helping businesses all around the world. I encourage and assist foreign businesses to move into the American market. There are many foreign markets which are doing great in their home countries and have all the potential to enter the lucrative American market. However, they don’t have enough resources or helping hand to assist them in their move. I help these companies in realizing the wonderful opportunity that lies ahead of them and helps them to enter the big profitable American market.

If you are thinking of opening up your business in America, then you can hire me. I will help you to choose your market, customers, products, services, etc. So far, I have helped companies all around the world successfully moving into the American market. I have huge experience in this field, and I know all the ins and out about the American market. I know the challenges that a foreign market can face while entering the American market and know how to deal with these. So, call me for an appointment and learn more about how I can help you set up your business in the USA.