What I Do


Suppose you are a CEO of a company. You suddenly start to lose market share; you are out of idea for a new product or service, your debt level is increasing, and you have a shortage of qualified human resource. You need to make key decisions regarding these issues. These are top-level problems that companies have to face, and the CEO must take the right decision quickly. This is what business strategy is.

Strategy consulting is about common sense and facts. I can help you with strategic decision making that includes forming strategy tailed to your situation. I can also help you to execute the strategic plan. I work with the high-level executives of the companies to help them with their strategic decision-making process.

I provide advice on various management topics. I conduct desk research, surveys, interviews, data analysis, hypothesis testing, etc. before making a strategic plan. My specialization is helping foreign companies to enter the USA market.

Why hire me?

  • Earned business degree from one of the top business schools in the country with excellent grades.
  • Worked in a senior management position of a number of big companies.
  • Running two successful companies of my own.
  • Helped more than 50 companies to start their business successfully in the USA.
  • Have in-depth knowledge of the local market.
  • Have excellent analytical skills.

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